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The Weeknd Have Tattoos? Discover The Singer’s Inked Artwork

The Weeknd Have Tattoos
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The Weeknd, a renowned singer, songwriter, and producer, has captivated millions of fans with his unique blend of R&B and pop music.

But beyond his soulful voice and catchy tunes, fans are also intrigued by The Weeknd’s distinctive appearance, adorned with a canvas of tattoos.

His inked skin tells a story of self-expression, creativity, and individuality. From intricate designs on his arms to meaningful symbols on his chest and neck, it’s clear that each tattoo holds a deeper meaning for the artist.

The Weeknd’s tattoos not only serve as a form of artistic expression but also as a reflection of his personal journey and experiences. Join us as we dive into the captivating world of The Weeknd’s tattoos, unraveling the stories behind the inked masterpieces that adorn his body.

Does The Weeknd Sport Tattoos?

Yes, The Weeknd does sport tattoos! The singer is known for his extensive collection of inked art. Let’s unveil some of The Weeknd’s tattoo secrets.

The Weeknd’s Tattoos:

1. Face Tattoos: One of the most prominent features of The Weeknd’s look is the various tattoos on his face. He has a large cross on his forehead, symbolizing his Ethiopian heritage, as well as tears under his eyes.

2. Hands and Arms: The Weeknd has numerous tattoos on his hands and arms. These include a portrait of Aaliyah, a lion, a crucifix, and various symbols.

3. Back Tattoos: The singer also has tattoos covering his back, including angel wings, text, and other designs.

Meaning Behind the Ink:

The Weeknd’s tattoos hold personal meanings for him. They reflect his journey, beliefs, and artistic expression. While some tattoos have been explained in interviews, others remain shrouded in mystery, adding to his enigmatic persona.

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Tattoos as Artistic Expression:

For The Weeknd, tattoos are more than just body decorations. They serve as an extension of his creativity and musical identity. His bold and unique tattoos complement his stage presence and further contribute to his overall image as an artist.

Whether it’s his face tattoos or the intricate designs on his arms and back, The Weeknd’s inked secrets continue to captivate fans and inspire tattoo enthusiasts worldwide.


The Weeknd embraces tattoos as a means of personal expression and artistic representation. His extensive collection of inked art adds to his distinctive image, making him a recognized figure in the music industry. As fans, we’re eager to see how his tattoo journey evolves in the future.

Does The Weeknd have any tattoos and what do they represent?

Yes, The Weeknd has several tattoos. One of his most noticeable tattoos is a large “XO” on the back of his right hand, which represents his record label and fan base called “XO”.

He also has the number “XO” tattooed on the inside of his left forearm. Additionally, he has “Wicked Games” tattooed on his right forearm, which is the title of one of his popular songs.

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The Weeknd also has a tattoo of a black panther on his left shoulder blade, which is a symbol of strength and power. Overall, his tattoos hold personal significance and represent different aspects of his life and career.

Are The Weeknd’s tattoos real or are they just temporary ones for his performances?

The Weeknd’s tattoos are real. He has several tattoos all over his body, including on his arms, chest, and neck. These tattoos are not temporary ones for his performances; they are permanent and a part of his overall aesthetic.

Some of his notable tattoos include the letter “X” on his right hand, a cross on his face, and various symbols and words that hold personal significance to him.

How many tattoos does The Weeknd have and can you describe their locations and designs?

The Weeknd is known for his love of tattoos and has several inked on his body. While the exact number of tattoos he has is not known, he has quite a few high-profile ones.

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One of his most prominent tattoos is a large portrait of Selena Gomez on his arm, which he got during their relationship. This tattoo gained a lot of attention as it was a clear tribute to his then-girlfriend.

Another significant tattoo is located on his left shoulder and features a cross with angel wings. This tattoo symbolizes The Weeknd’s spiritual journey and his faith.

On his right bicep, The Weeknd has a butterfly tattoo. This design represents transformation and growth, reflecting his personal evolution and artistic development throughout his career.

Additionally, The Weeknd has a tattoo of a black panther’s head on his right ribs. This tattoo is an emblem of power, strength, and protection.

Other tattoos on The Weeknd’s body include lyrics from his songs, such as “xo” on his hand, a reference to his fan base, and various smaller symbols and designs scattered throughout his arms and chest.

It’s worth noting that The Weeknd’s tattoo collection is continuously evolving, and he may have added or modified tattoos since the last information available.

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