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The Meaning of the Snake Tattoo

Meaning of the Snake Tattoo
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The snake has always been an important animal for humans worldwide, and it’s frequently used in art, embodying various meanings. What are the different meanings of a snake tattoo in terms of colors, the person wearing it, and the objects and other elements accompanying the tattoo?

A snake tattoo holds both positive and negative meanings. The main symbols include fertility, courage, temptation, fear, and danger. In some cultures, it’s associated with the devil and hell, while others attribute virtues such as luck and happiness to it.

Maybe you’re considering getting a snake tattoo yourself, or you’re simply seeking information about that particular tattoo. Either way, you should keep reading to learn more about the various symbolisms the snake represents. Let’s go!

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In Chinese culture, the snake isn’t associated with danger and evil; instead, it’s seen as having a secretive way of life.

They link this sign with grace, wisdom, organization, spirit, mystery, and divination. These symbols, in particular, stand out when it comes to snake tattoos.

Here are the strongest symbolisms of the snake in tattoos:

✔️ Danger: Some snakes are venomous, while others are apex predators, making them symbols of danger and power.

✔️ Rebirth and healing: A snake’s ability to shed its skin can symbolize rebirth, change, transformation, or healing.

✔️ Temptation: According to the Christian biblical story of Adam and Eve, a snake tempted Eve with a forbidden apple, leading to the birth of original sin. Thus, snakes can represent temptation and sin.

✔️ Fertility: Historically, in many cultures, the snake is a symbol of fertility and creative life force, partly due to its phallic shape.

✔️ Reincarnation: The Ouroboros (a snake eating its own tail) is an ancient symbol representing the circle of life, death, and rebirth. Originating from Europe, this symbol can also represent life’s seasonal changes.

✔️ Knowledge and wisdom: In some ancient mythologies, the snake is considered a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

We’ve just listed the strongest symbolisms of this adorable animal. Here are other characteristics defining the reptile, both positive and negative:

Evil The devil Hell Protection Change Life cycles Darkness Power Authority Death Patience Organization All these meanings can be associated with snake tattoos.

However, we’re all different, and ultimately, a tattoo represents only what its owner wishes it to. The mentioned properties are by no means absolute truths. Your tattoo represents what you want it to.

When choosing a tattoo symbol, it’s always best to do your own research. It’s crucial to understand what your tattoo means to you and to others.

Therefore, in the following lines, we’ve detailed different symbols according to the color of the reptile, accompanying objects, and much more.

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The Meaning of the Eagle and Snake Tattoo

This tattoo is an expression of the conflict between what’s right and yielding to temptation. The eagle is a symbol of rectitude and morality, while the snake represents temptation and giving in to passion. So, the combination of the two offers very complex symbolism.

The two animals contrast each other, and the eagle and snake tattoo depict a conflict. It’s a conflict between our wild nature and our honorable intentions.

It represents the struggle we face in real life when making decisions about what’s considered fair and morally responsible. In this type of tattoo, the eagle is more prominent than the snake and is often depicted as the winner.

The Meaning of the Cobra Snake Tattoo

As it’s said to protect the charmer from snake attacks, the cobra tattoo motif is considered a sacred symbol representing nobility and wealth.

The cobra is considered a king with a sacred emblem. In India and Burma, snake charmers perform their tricks on the streets with a cobra in a wicker basket. Ink made from snake venom is used to tattoo the conjurer as a sign of protection against fierce snake attacks.

Meanings of Snake Tattoo Around a Rose

Together, the motifs of the rose and snake tattoo are the ultimate symbol of temptation. They also represent the loss of innocence and beauty. Roses are associated with love, affection, and beauty. The snake and flower tattoo is beautiful and meaningful.

A red rose with a black snake as a contrast is the most popular choice for this design. Once again, there’s often a certain degree of realism present to make the tattoo more prominent and darker, with a more gothic background. Women love it.

The Meaning of a Skull and Snake Tattoo

A powerful symbol of death and decay, the skull and snake tattoo motif is a reminder of human mortality.

A powerful force of nature, these snakes symbolize major human desires and instincts, as well as an obstacle to our spirituality. While some snake tattoos represent mortality and the temptation of evil, others represent noble principles and the power of resilience.

Snake and skull tattoos are popular motifs in tattoo art. Skull tattoos represent death and decay.

They are a grim reminder of man’s mortality. In some cultures, the snake is considered a symbol of healing and rebirth. Together, they symbolize the cycle of death and rebirth.

The Meaning of the Snake and Moon Tattoo

The moon is often associated with the snake. This type of tattoo is very popular in gothic counterculture. It’s a portrayal of the negative association between night and the crawling animal.

This tattoo is easily adopted by people who don’t really feel comfortable with the world presented to them. The desire to live at night and go against the mainstream are traits found in people who get this tattoo.

The Meaning of a Japanese Snake Tattoo

A Japanese snake tattoo can be a symbol of protection against diseases or misfortunes. It can also symbolize luck, wisdom, strength, and change.

In traditional Japanese culture, the snake has multiple meanings and serves various important functions. It represents evil, sickness, and misfortune.

Snake tattoos in Japanese culture can also represent protection against bad decisions and bad outcomes. You can also sport a Japanese snake tattoo as a symbol of goodwill and good health.

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Meanings of Snake Tattoos on Women

The snake is not explicitly a male or female symbol, making it an excellent choice to be adorned by both men and women. However, the designs and symbols in tattoos for men and women aren’t necessarily the same.

For example, there are many more colorful tattoos on women than on men. The snake is often combined with clothing to create a very feminine tattoo.

Additionally, they tend to be smaller. The meanings commonly found in women are more positive and related to love, life, and childbirth.

The Meaning of a Male Snake Tattoo

Unlike women, a snake tattoo on a man has more negative connotations. The man seeks power, struggle, and certainty in protecting his family from the enemy.

In Greco-Roman ideology, snakes are considered guardians of the underworld. They are also the best keepers of the mysteries that man seeks to understand. That’s why men use them a lot in tattoos.

Snakes are considered creatures with ornamental and magical personalities. If you believe in personal renewal, healing, and purification, then you carry the values offered by the snake tattoo.

Meanings of a Tribal Snake Tattoo

This pattern is often associated with the spiritual world and the natural elements found in different parts of the world.

Tribal patterns have a special meaning closely related to the spiritual world and natural phenomena. At the same time, snakes are one of the oldest religious symbols in human history.

Many cultures associate these creatures with countless folk figures and deities. Tribal tattoos represent the close connection with the indigenous heritage of society, and wearing these tattoos means you value your traditions.

The Meaning of the Infinite Snake Tattoo

A snake associated with the infinity symbol is ready to unleash its wrath. It’s dangerous. It shows that appearances aren’t always what they seem to be. It shows you have a deadly personality.

A snake biting its tail, similar to the Ouroboros symbol, speaks of the life-death cycle. Shaped like a circle, it shows that nothing ever ends and reveals the eternal aspect of the universe. This is a very good idea for a tattoo with a deep meaning.

Meaning of Snake Around a Dagger Tattoo

This image is representative of Asclepius, the Greek deity of medicine and healing. In pagan symbolism, snakes are associated with rebirth and fertility. This tattoo represents renewal and transformation through struggle.

Snakes are recognized as symbols of healing in most parts of the world.

Additionally, the universal symbol of medicine and healing consists of snakes and daggers, swords, and other knives.

Snakes and daggers can kill. They are universally considered symbols of paganism, fertility, and rebirth.

This explains why snake and dagger tattoos are designed to be recognized as symbols of transformation and renewal.

Meanings of a Snake Tattoo on the Arm

A tattoo of a thin snake wrapped around the arm or wrist like a bracelet is one of the most complex varieties of snake tattoos. It’s mainly found in women.

Tattoos of this type are usually quite small, with the snake wrapped around the upper or lower arm. With a single loop, the snake can bite its tail, creating an infinite tattoo we discussed earlier.

Large, thick snakes wrapped around the arm take up more space and are especially suitable for men.

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Meanings of a Snake Tattoo on the Hand

This combination of hand and snake was very popular in the 19th century. It represents friendship, loyalty, and inner peace.

The handshake tattoo in the form of a snake is an ironic twist on this motif and has an opposite meaning. Overall, it means that no one can be trusted and that anyone can turn traitor.

This type of pattern is usually drawn in the traditional style with black outlines and mostly solid colors.

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